Monday, May 24, 2021

Ten Breathtaking Quotes from "Malibu Rising" by Taylor Jenkins Reid


Ten Breathtaking Quotes from Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

"Destruction. And renewal, rising from the ashes. The story of fire... Because just as it is in Malibu's nature to burn, so was it in one particular person's nature to set fire and walk away." - Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

TJR does is again, book buddies! I was *so* totally sucked into this novel - the story, the characters, the settting(!!!). And now that I'm done reading, I can not wait for everyone to pick it up this summer.  "Malibu Rising" by Taylor Jenkins Reid is an unputdownable family story that yes, will be the perfect beachy read for the season. But it's also the perfect cuddled under blankets, or on the subway, or with your morning cup of coffee read. Because however you read, I definitely recommend you pick this one up.

More than any book I've read in 2021, this one had quotes that just totally knocked me off my feet. Keep reading this post to see what quotes from "Malibu Rising"by Taylor Jenkins Reid stuck with me long after I finished the last page!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

10 Books on my Spring 2021 TBR List

Currently, I am a disorganized reading mess, and I *hate* it. SO - this post is for Top Ten Tuesday, but it is also for me as much as anything because I am a type A organized reader, or at least under the best of circumstances that is how I prefer to read! I love stories and the cozy reading life, sure - but I think part of why I love reading is also the sense of accomplishment from finishing a book - it's addictive and a less talked about perk of reading. And so being organized and having a plan, like a seasonal TBR, keeps me in a good headspace and I definitely get more reading done. So what is my plan? Keep reading to see what I plan to finish this Spring!


We Begin at the End 

Chris Whitaker
Pub Date: 3/2/21
Goodreads Ave: 4.33 
Everyone is raving about this book and I can not wait to get into it! “We Begin At The End” seems to have something for every kind of reader. It is part murder mystery, part coming of age tale, it’s both character driven and also has an engaging plot! Sign me up. This is truly the kind of book that I always hope to pick up and seeing everyone's glowing reviews about it has me very, very hyped!

The Final Revival  

Dawnie Walton
Pub Date: 3/30/21
Goodreads Ave: 4.14
Anything compared to "Daisy Jones and the Six" by Taylor Jenkins Reid, definitely catches my eye. I have read many rave reviews about this oral history style afro punk historical fiction novel. This is also a debut work for the author, Dawnie Walton. I love reading debut novels so this definitely at the top of my Spring 2021 reading stack!

Everything is Fine 

Vince Granata 
Pub Date: 4/27/21
Goodreads Ave:  4.69

I just can not get enough non fiction / memoir reads in my life. I was sucked in by the cover for “Everything Is Fine”. After reading the reviews I can not wait to pick it up. It sounds like this is going to be the perfect reading combination of page turning real life story telling coupled with breathtaking writing!

Broken in the Best Possible Way

Jenny Lawson
Pub Date: 4/6/21
Goodreads Ave: 4.39
Yay for a new book from Jenny Lawson! But also ugh, I am so disappointed that because this is releasing during a pandemic and that means we wont get to enjoy a book tour because I would definitely be down for that! I absolutely love her genuine and hilarious writing style and it has been too long since I've read a book from her! Check out my thoughts on her last book in my post - Ten Hidden Gems of Non Fiction 

Girl One

Sara Flannery Murphy
Pub Date: 6/01//21
Goodreads Ave: 4.07
And now we get into the advanced copies I need to tackle before the book’s release! "Girl One" is described as a supernatural thriller, which is a tad bit out of my reading comfort zone, but I'm going to give it a shot. I haven't heard very much about this book yet, but the first chunk of the goodreads summary definitely caught my eye. The main character, Josephine, is the first of nine "miracle babies" that are conceived without male DNA. They are raised on an experimental commune called The Homestead.


Mary Jane

Jessica Anya Blau
Pub Date: 5/11//21
Goodreads Ave: 4.22
Another “Daisy Jones and the Six” comparison that I am excited to pick up! *And* this one is also being compared to Almost Famous, which is one of my favorite movies. Definitely a winning combo in my opinion. I haven't heard very much about this book yet, but the reviews so far have been really encouraging and I love mixing it up with historical fiction that isn't set too far back in history.


Together We Will Go

J Michael Straczynski
Pub Date: 7/06//21
Goodreads Ave: 4.31
Do you know what your reading buzzwords are? This book's description had *so many* of mine and it totally got me - endearing, heartfelt, charming, and deeply moving. Just take my money already lol. But really, this book is so up my alley, also that cover (so wonderful!) and I definitely hope that it lives up to the hype that I have created for it in my mind.


Christie Tate
Pub Date: 10/27/20
Goodreads Ave: 3.76

I'm part of a real life, sometimes in person but lately only over zoom, book club in my neighborhood. It has been such an easy and fun way to get out of the house, socialize, but also not have to go too far. And I get the bonus of having an easy icebreaker because talking about books is super easy. Two reads that are on the list for the spring month meet ups are "Group" and "Greenlights".



Matthew McConaughey
Pub Date: 10/20/20
Goodreads Ave:4.27
I started out listening to "Greenlights" through Audible, but I am definitely going to have to return it and try reading the book instead. Unless I was devoting 100% of my attention to the audio book I had no absolutely idea what Matthew was talking about. It felt like I had one of his car commercials playing in the background. I am sure his memoir will be an interesting read though, and I'm impressed by the good reviews!

The Therapist 

B.A. Paris
Pub Date: 7/13/21
Goodreads Ave: 3.80
I've been hooked on B.A. Paris every since reading my first and favorite novel of hers, "Behind Closed Doors". Her twisty thrillers are unputdownable, in my opinion. And while at times her storylines can be a little far fetched, not even the so far less than stellar reviews will stop me from reading this book as soon as I can!

And that's what I have planned, reading buddies! Drop a comment down below and let me know your reading plans for this spring. Do we have any books in common? Any books you think I should pick up, too? Or maybe you think having reading plans takes all of the fun out of reading! Let me know how you feel and thanks for reading! ❤